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A Marriage of Analog and Digital, Where Warmth Meets Flexibility
All analog front end
All digital storage
Computer, Analog, or Hybrids of both, for endless Mixing possibilities
Multi-Track Recording
Macintosh Computer Consulting
Various Services and Rates
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A Top Notch Recording Studio, In A Comfortable Home Atmosphere, With A Groovy Kinda Vibe....

Some of Our Equipment Offerings:
Alesis X2 console [64 inputs]
Audio/MIDI I/O: MOTU 1224 [2], 2408mkII , MTPav MIDI controler
Monitoring: Alesis Monitor 2, Yamaha NS10, Tannoy, Optimus, JBL
Microphones: Lawson, AKG, Sennheiser, Audio Technica, Shure, ElectroVoice, Equitech, PV, and assorted others
Computers: Apple G4 Dual 1Ghz, G4/400, Q840av, Q950, IIci
PV VMP2 tube mic pre's
Fairchild, Drawmer, DBX, FMR, Belari, Beringer, Alesis compressors/limiters
TAMA 5pc drum kit, with a variety of snare drums and cymbals
Fender, Egnater, Roland, Supro, Magnatone guitar amps
A vast assortment of guitars, effects, gizmos, and tricks....
Recording/Sequencing Software: MOTU DP3/DP2.72, with Metric Halo,Waves, Antares, PSP, Bomb Factory, RealVerb, Pluggo plugins
Editors/Authoring Software: JAM, Peak, Toast, SDII, MLCD, SE16, Deck, iTunes
2 Alesis ADAT's
2 DAT, 3 CDR, DVD/R, analog cass. recorders
Story&Clark spinet piano ['40's]
Alesis HR16, D4 drum machines
Ensoniq SQ1
Various synth modules
A wide assortment of headphones, and plenty of monitoring power !!!

Basic Demos, Voice Overs, Full CD Albums, We Can Make Your Recordings Happen !!!

We use Motu and Apple equipment

www.motu.com/ www.apple.com/

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 Contact Stewart Simon @ (586) 558-9924 or e-mail stew@audiomadnessstudio.com